Welcome to C & J Plating and Grinding, LLC. We have been providing quality hard chrome plating and grinding services for over 40 years.

Purchasing new parts can be costly.
C & J Plating and Grinding can restore old parts for a fraction of the replacement cost. New parts can also be chrome and ground, just call for a quote.

One area of expertise is in glass industry machine parts such as OD and ID parts. Our business has been trusted by leading glass companies.

Owner and lead operator, Howard Larsen, is on site for supervision and part consultation.

C & J Plating and Grinding, LLC
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411 E.  3rd Street
Muncie, Indiana 47302
P: 765-288-8728
F: 765-288-8729
Restore those old, rusted parts to new.
Call or email for a price quote.
Fully Licensed.
Why Choose Us?
1. We have 40 years of experience.
2. We provide honest and quality service.
3. Your satisfaction is  guaranteed.